Representative-Elect, HD135​

Not a Traditional ​​​​Politician​

Progressive Candidate for Texas HD135​​​​

Not a Traditional Politician

I’m now the Representative-Elect for Texas HD135!  And I will bring a positive and progressive voice to our state government, and to truly represent the people of our county and district.  The people want representatives who share their values. My main values are Honor, Integrity, Decency, and Respect, and all of my policies and positions will agree with these core values.

I'm an engineer by training, and so I'm driven to find reasonable, data-driven solutions to the challenges our communities face and bring those to Austin.

Progressive Values for Texas

For too long the Texas Legislature has not represented the majority of our constituents and has produced negative and disappointing results, including unconstitutional policies and laws designed to marginalize many of our communities.  IT. IS. TIME... for a positive change. 
​​I will advocate for *all* of our people, not just the wealthy who can afford to influence our government with big money.  I will advocate for our marginalized communities and stand for human rights and dignity.  Our communities of color, immigrant communities, LGBTQiA+ communities, and workers of all types, (especially teachers!) all deserve stronger representation in our state legislature.  ​​
We need to be fiscally conservative and make sure that property taxes on individuals and small businesses don't continue to rise at such alarming rates.  By closing the corporate property tax loophole we can increase school funding without raising taxes individuals and small businesses.

We must push to accept the Medicare expansion in Texas, to bring in Federal money that will help to lower health care costs for all of us.  We must improve women's access to healthcare so that we reduce the sky-high infant and maternal mortality rates in Texas. 

Funding proven-effective programs in schools and lowering healthcare costs will help citizens contribute to the economy, because we'll have more in our pocket at the end of the day. 

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