Equality #4USALL

 This topic is especially important to me.  I believe we MUST combat bigotry and discrimination in all of its forms.

The past election cycle was a lead-in and the current environment shows clearly just how toxic segments of our society and culture have become.  Bigotry, racism and xenophobia has become commonplace and even normalized, and we need desperately to fight back and reverse this trend.​​

Growing up, my family lived in integrated areas and my parents strongly instilled inclusive values in us.  I have always believed that our diversity enriches us all, and that we grow together when we embrace other cultures and learn about other people’s perspectives.  Isn’t it funny how it always turns out that we are more similar than we are different?  

So what do we do? 
We promote unity, inclusiveness, cross-cultural engagement, and above all: LOVE


It’s important for us to recognize that people of color have been tremendously disadvantaged in all walks of life and that our society is built with structures and systems in place that systematically and systemically work against black and brown people.  We need to address the inequalities in policing, in our court systems, in our schools, in banking and finance, and even in the little routine macroaggressions we see every day from well-meaning white privileged folk.

It is incumbent on white people to heighten our awareness and to call all of these things out when we see them.  Do not stand idle when you see someone disadvantage or disparage another human being.  Learn to interrupt and to provide a safe space for people being bullied so they can separate and get away safely.
This is why I advocate for police de-escalation training and community policing.  We must do everything we can to reduce police violence and build trust in our communities.  No decent human being wants to kill another person on the job, and so I hope that our police forces will embrace these well-proven methods to help keep folks safe and help build trust between communities of color and the police.  

LGBTQiA Lives Matter too...

The topic of inclusion and equality must also include the LGBTQiA community, because they are also disadvantaged and discriminated against.  And when we start looking at the intersection of people of color with the LGBTQiA community, then you see startling statistics about bullying, aggression, murder, and suicide.

My belief is that we all benefit from embracing each other and acknowledging the humanity of our fellow citizens and neighbors.  These folks just want to live free and happy lives like everyone else, they shouldn’t have to struggle to have their humanity acknowledged.  Every human being is unique and valuable.