Public Schools

Criminal Justice Reform

As costs scream out of control, we need sensible solutions so that people can have access to quality healthcare. 

For starters we should accept the Medicare expansion in Texas, this will help reduce the burden of cost #4USALL.  After that, we focus on finding ways to further reduce cost and improve access. 

The cost of health insurance keeps rising,, and we need to act now so we can make improvements for our bring down the cost of insurance and increace access to quality healthcare #4USALL
The Texas Legislature has ignored the needs of the people of Texas for too long, depriving our kids and teachers of finances and structures to promote effective quality education and healthy public schools while continuously increasing our property taxes.

I believe we need major reforms for our schools and school systems. There are many areas that need attention but I would look to start by reforming school finance and closing corporate loopholes to infuse eductaion budgets with extra money without raising our property taxes.  We also need to, revise the testing and evaluation systems, and re-evaluate textbook purchases, Then we must address protections and benefits for teachers and other school employees.  

If we make sensible, appropriate changes based on facts and data, we'll be able to provide higher quality education to our children while reducing cost for ordinary taxpayers like you and me.. 

Better eductaion at lower cost #4USALL
From the police on the street to judges in the courtroom, to our overcrowded for-profit prisons…we can do better.  We need equality #4USALL 

The bail system must immediately be reformed, and we must also strengthen our communities and promote positive relationships with law enforcement through de-escalation training and community policing efforts​​

Gun Safety

Like most Americans, I support the 2nd Amendment, and I also believe it is time to enact more common-sense gun safety measures.  

Most folks will agree with strengthening our backgound check system and closing loopholes that allow some gun sales without background checks.  

We should also incentivize safe storage with tax-free safety devices and gun safes.  

Measures like these just make good sense, and will help us prevent lethal weapons from getting in the hands of folks who should not have them.


Clean Energy

Public Service

We need some infrastructure work in our area, including pushing to get Hwy. 290 completed from 1960 to 610 and also improving our flood recovery and flood mitigation efforts. 

We should implement an incentive system for road construction on 290 similar to what Mayor Bill White used so effectively to accelerate the road renovations in our downtown area, rewarding early completion and encouraging coordinated contracting.

We need to push for both State and Federal funding to address flood concerns, and to improve our reservoirs and drainage systems. 

It’s high time we place higher value on our public servants and treat them with dignity and respect.  Those who we trust with our children (our future!) should be on top of that list for better treatment.  .  ​​

The police, EMS medics, Firefighters and other public servants also deserve better treatment and the ability to bargain collectively.  These are folks we must value, because they have devoted themselves to help the public, they work #4USALL   

We now have massive underutilization of commercial and industrial resources in Texas, due to the Oil & Gas Industry slowdown and contraction. 

We can promote clean energy industry and encourage commercial growth through incentives for clean energy and environment-friendly business in Texas. 

We’ve always been an energy leader here in Houston, why don’t we lead the way for new technology?  We have skilled workers, high-quality professionals, and terrific facilities ready for hire by strong industry so let’s promote ourselves as the innovative and productive force we have always been!